Story from 2013

It’s been a while ( actually pretty long time ) since my last post in october 2013. Whoa two years gone by and ¬†i’m not writing any blogpost? too busy to write ? i don’t think so.

So i’m back to tell you short story that i got from late 2013 to 2014

In december 2013 i’m finally graduated from collage, after that i got some time to relax on family vacation to Jogja ( Jogjakarta ). Before i graduated on december, i’m working as internship in Event Organaizer named ” onstage “. I’m working as design promotion. Although i’m still working as internship, i start to looking for another fulltime job. After few weeks finally i got 3 interview. First interview is from photo studio, actually i pass the test, but the location is to far from my place, so i apologize that i can’t accept the offer. Then come another interview from free magazine, it’s local magazine for compant and mall, the magazine named ” AREA ” , after the interview and test, i got an offer to internship in there, so i hangup the call, because i’m looking for fulltime job. Next come 3rd company, actualy i’m forget where i see the ads for this position, and i’m also didn’t remember the company name. Few days after interview i got a message that i pass the qualification and soon working with them. I get message when i’m still on vacation in Jogja. The company name is KGA, it’s small developer company which built a real estate. When i got back from my trip , ” AREA ” call me in the middle of highway, they agree to offer me fulltime job, but unfortunately i already make my choice to KGA, and i tell to them i’m sorry that i can’t accept the offer. In january 2014 is the first time i’m working as fulltime inhouse designer.

My office is located in Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan – Indonesia, it takes 1,5 hour to get there, and also to get home it takes another 1,5 hour. Whoa i’m spending 3 hours of my life everyday only for traveling to office and back to my place. Because this is my first time to have fulltime job, i think this where the experience comes, so i keep going. After day work i’m to tired ( read : lazy ) to write on my blog ūüėõ . And only one that i want to do is texting my girlfriend ( and then we seperated in late 2015 ). I don’t remmember many things / event back in 2014, but i’m sure i will update when i got back my memories.

So i think this is my warming up after long time not writing, see you in next post




Berbeda in english means different

tell us how live as your self and not as people want or request , no matter how people say

and also say about how we deserved about difference


Final Project

here is my final project, this is a multimedia that introduce Batik Solo, i made this from digital painting, photo, animation, etc into flash, this is for windows and android platform, you can visit my blog for final project and download from there, i apreciate any comment / suggestion and rate to improve Batik Solo app, thank you

batik solo logo



Prof Bio “Biologi untuk Kelas 8”

This is the subject matter of biology in an interactive way using adobe flash in the making, is designed so that students and junior high school students can learn with fun.

hopefully can help.

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